What I Did On My Holidays#

It all started with a call from Franz. "Are you interested in buying some Stainless Steel kegs?"

Well, sure! I'd been wanting to get back into brewing for some time, but was stymied by the problem of acquiring a Sufficiently Large Boiler. I had reached the point of contemplating having a custom vessel built by a local stainless-steel manufacturer, but the expense was formidable! The offer was irresistable, especially as the kegs in question had already seen use in a brewery, so had their tops cut out and various plumbing bits fitted.


Most of the building-phase took place during the week of 19 September 2009. The design is a simple, single-tier, 3-pot system. Although, since I have a pump installed in the system, the design could conceivably have been simplified down to a 2-pot system, I stuck with 3 so that... at some later stage... I can expand/complexify the system by modifying the Hot Liquid Tank to include a heat-exchanger. This will will make sophisticated, multi-step mashes easier, meaning more interesting beer recipes become approachable.